Outfit of the Day: Breakfast at Brittany’s

OKAY I COULDN’T RESIST! Kind of killing two birds with one stone here, but I am just so in love with this dress! It’s actually one of the things I’m selling in my online store, which will be up in the next couple days! I know I’ve been a slightly MIA blog wise because I’ve been running around like a madwoman! But- I actually put the finishing touches on the site and will return to your regularly scheduled blogging soon. Be warned though, I am a girl who stands by her product! So… I kind of pulled one of each thing I stocked for the store for my own closet! Hah. I’ll pay myself for them? Or something? Don’t look at me like that, you’d do it too! I promise it won’t be everything I post though. I do have some other cute stuff coming your way. 

But anyways. I have a whole collection on there of vintage inspired pieces, and this is one of my faves. It’s so classic and sophisticated! I wore this for a shoot and couldn’t resist snagging a few shots for the blog, but I think this might be my outfit for my three year anniversary with the boy. Excitement! I mean, pretty sure I’ll knock him dead in this number! Also, how awesome are those sunglasses? I’m in love with them. I just feel super cute in this look, and having your hair pinned up in a cute bun is a definite advantage with a 100+ heat index! 

Dress: Big Bang Boutique (Open in a few days!) $55

Pearls: F21 $20

Shoes: DSW $50 

Sunglasses: Avenue $5

(via stylesofar)

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    Ohmygosh, that dress. GORGEOUS. It’s so nice to see big girls dressing for the body they have, not the body they want!
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    This is retro gorgeous
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    Can’t wait to see what else Big Bang Boutique has on offer! Hope they ship to Australia!